Sight Words

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Here are ALL the Kindergarten sight words for the year! Use them to do fun games at home! A couple of games you can play are listed below:

Memory Match-Copy the words onto index cards. Make 2 sets. Lay all the cards face down. Take turns finding matches. In order to take the match, you must be able to read the card! (This game also works with word family words!)

-SLAP!- Copy your words onto index cards. Lay your cards face up. Call out a word. With an extra fly swatter, SLAP  and then spell the word out loud. You get a point for every word you find correctly! (You can do play this game in various ways! Try it with a magic wand, instead!)

-Word Book-Create a word book! Fold a set of papers in half to creat a book. At the top of the book, write a sight word in black. Have your child trace over the black letters with different colors to make rainbow letters. Then, have them look through old magazines and newspapers to find the letters they need to spell the  word. Have them cut and glue the letters to make their words! Spell the words a couple of times, if you wish! This activity works great for words your child is struggling with or for those artistic and crafty kids! You can create this project over a longer period of time.

-Detective Search-Write your words on index cards. Have somebody go around and hide some of words in various places around the house. As your child finds a word, have them read it and write it on a piece of paper. They can collect all the words until all have been found!

-Messy Fun-Use whipped cream, shaving cream, etc. Spread the “mess” out on the table. Use your finger to write the words!

 YOU TELL ME AN IDEA!- Leave a comment and share some of your fun ideas on how you practice your popcorn words at home! 🙂



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