Small Moment Stories

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We have been learning about “Small Moment” stories during writers workshop. We used a watermelon chart to help us understand how to pick a “small moment” to write about. A great, big watermelon is our big topic. We have been reading stories about winter and snow, so we decided to write about a time it was snowy outside. That was our big ,watermelon topic. Next, we slice the watermelon into pieces. The slices are smaller topics. On a snowy day, their could be a slice for eating a warm lunch, snuggling with a blanket and watching a movie, or playing outside in the snow. It would be parts of the day! We chose the part of the day when we played out in the snow! Now, inside that slice there are tiny seeds. Those are our small moments! When we played outside in the snow, we probably did lots of little things. But we need to choose one, tiny moment to write about. That tiny watermelon seed is our small moment story! Our small moment story could be about building a snowman, or about making snow angels. Some students chose to write about the time they had a snowball fight! Whatever they chose, they could only write about ONE THING!

Today, we worked on telling the beginning, middle, and end part of our small moment story. We had to stretch our story into parts and tell what we did first, then in the middle, and then at the end! Below is a picture of Mrs. Barker’s beginning, middle, and end plan for her story about sledding!

Mrs. Barker's beginning, middle, and end plan. It was projected on the white board for all to see and help write!


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