Ask Me Anything!

Here is a fun way to practice asking and writing questions at home! I have set up a Formspring account where students can ask me questions. Here are the instructions on how to do this:

1.) First have your child think of a question they want to ask.

2.)Have your child count the words in the sentence two times.

3.)Have your child write the sentence down on a piece of paper.

4.)As your child is writing their sentence, help the sound out their words. (Don’t tell them the spelling!) Make sure they are hearing beginning, middle, and ending sounds and transferring them to their writing. (Again, don’t tell them the spelling!) If it’s misspelled but has correct sounds, then it is fine!

5.) Help them use correct sentence structure. Make sure the only capital letter is the beginning of the sentence. (And for names, too!) The rest of the letters should be lowercase.

6.) Make sure your child is putting spaces in between their words.

7.) Punctuation! Make sure they end the sentence with a question mark!

8.) Help them type their questions into the Formspring question box. Click “SEND”.

9.) Check back to the website to see if your question has been answered!

This is a very fun way to practice sounding out words, sentence structure, letter formation, and all sorts of elements of writing. Ask as many questions as you would like! I’ll be checking to see what kinds of questions our kids want to ask! 🙂


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Polar Bears!

We are wrapping up our study about bears. Today we read some books and information about polar bears! Here are some links you can look at with your child at home!

San Diego Zoo Polar Bear Cam

San Diego Zoo Polar Bear Picture Gallery 

Fun Polar Bear Facts

National Geographic Kids Feature Creature: Polar Bears (Fun videos and pictures!)

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Book Orders

February book orders were sent home today. Scholastic offers some really good deals on books! Take advantage of these great prices by placing your order online HERE. The login name is mrsbarkerskindergarten and the password is bridgeport. Orders will be due on Monday, February 22nd. You should receive a confirmation e-mail after you place your order. Orders will be shipped to school within a week and given to your child to take home.

For every order placed online, our class gets a certificate towards a free book!

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Brown Bears

Today we did our study on brown bears. We learned a lot! We visited the National Geographic Kids website and watched a fun video about brown bears. We also read facts about brown bears! There some very interesting pictures for us to view as well!

We completed our brown bear wordle! We read a book about brown bears and then we used the information in the book to come up with words about brown bears. We found a lot!

Wordle: Brown Bear

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Black Bears

We’ve read books about black bears! We worked together to make a black bear wordle. We all had a sticky note and thought of one word we learned about the black bears. Then we shared our sticky notes and while Mrs. Barker typed the words into wordle. Then we all got a second sticky note and thought of some new words to add to the wordle. This is what our Black Bear Wordle looks like!

Wordle: Black Bear

We also met Lily. Lily is a black bear in hibernation. Lily has a baby. You can click here to view her live web cam! We have also seen some of Lily’s videos! We got to see and hear her little baby!

Here is a video of Lily in her den.

In this video, you can hear the little cub crying. You can catch a glimpse of the cub in the top, right corner.

There are some more videos you can see by clicking on Lily’s den website above.

We also learned about black bears from the Cincinnati Zoo! Take a look!

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Yun Zi

Yun Zi

Our bear study continues! The San Diego Zoo is home to little baby cub, Yun Zi. (Click the link to view pictures posted by the Los Angeles Times.) We have been visiting the San Diego Zoo website and watching videos about Yun Zi and her family.

Here are some vidoes of Yun Zi at the San Diego Zoo:

Click the links below to learn more about Yun Zi!


Fun Facts

More San Diego Pandas

Live Panda Cam at the San Diego Zoo

More San Diego Zoo Panda Videos

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Small Moment Stories

We have been learning about “Small Moment” stories during writers workshop. We used a watermelon chart to help us understand how to pick a “small moment” to write about. A great, big watermelon is our big topic. We have been reading stories about winter and snow, so we decided to write about a time it was snowy outside. That was our big ,watermelon topic. Next, we slice the watermelon into pieces. The slices are smaller topics. On a snowy day, their could be a slice for eating a warm lunch, snuggling with a blanket and watching a movie, or playing outside in the snow. It would be parts of the day! We chose the part of the day when we played out in the snow! Now, inside that slice there are tiny seeds. Those are our small moments! When we played outside in the snow, we probably did lots of little things. But we need to choose one, tiny moment to write about. That tiny watermelon seed is our small moment story! Our small moment story could be about building a snowman, or about making snow angels. Some students chose to write about the time they had a snowball fight! Whatever they chose, they could only write about ONE THING!

Today, we worked on telling the beginning, middle, and end part of our small moment story. We had to stretch our story into parts and tell what we did first, then in the middle, and then at the end! Below is a picture of Mrs. Barker’s beginning, middle, and end plan for her story about sledding!

Mrs. Barker's beginning, middle, and end plan. It was projected on the white board for all to see and help write!

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Panda Bears

Wordle: Panda Bears

Black Bears

Wordle: Black Bear

Brown Bears

Wordle: Brown Bear


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